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Age: 22
Height: 5' 1" (I'm pretty short)
Starting weight: 153 (Aug 2011)
Lowest weight: 112
Current weight: 135 (Today)
Goal weight: 115

I just watched the documentary Blackfish, now I’m plotting my takedown of Seaworld.

Seaworld, and all others like it should not exist. 

2. November 2013

As of January of this year, I made the move to my own apartment, and for some reason I quickly gained 10 pounds… You can probably imagine how disturbing this was for me, but no worries, I got it under control. I went from 145lbs to 135lbs in just two months of hard work. Success! 

I’ve also gone crazy with this seasons fall fashion - everything is so cute I need all of it! I’ve started to go thrifting and have found some serious good finds like Steve Madden combat boots, or Timberland booties. 

This is an outfit I completely thrifted this season (except the socks and leggings) 

2. November 2013

As sad as this makes me, I’ve realized that Nutella, along with sweetened almond milk, stevia, and other kinds of sweeteners/sweetened food causes my face to break out, in the most unpleasant manner. Next time you find that your face is out of control, take a look at new foods you may be eating, and eliminate them and see if it improves. 


Anonymous said: What app/product do you use to make your pictures, they're great! Love you blog and keep up the great work!! X

I use adobe illustrator, but I think you could make similar pictures for free with Pic Monkey (just google it )

2. November 2013

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